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Patronus RPG

Hogwarts School For Witchcraft And Wizardry

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Patronus RPG
... can you save yourself?

There is a darkness on the horizon, blotting out the sun. Rising to meet this dark storm are the forces under the leadership of Albus Dumbledore. The battle is about to begin. Are you ready?

~ All OOC queries and notices are to be posted in the OOC journal.
~ All RPG posts are to be in the third person.
~ All personal entries are to be in the first person.
~ Owls are sent via the RPG community.
~ RPs must be under a cut tag, preferably with a space between each pose.
~ Every player must have an LJ for his or her character.
~ Characters must have at least one icon (preferably with a person, unless the character is an Animagus.)
~ The celebrity chosen for an icon may not appear in the movies.
~ All posts in character journals are public and open for comment. If a post is the private thought of a character, then place the text in [private] brackets.
~ There is a general limit on characters -- three, of course, but if the RP oppurtunities are limited or you can prove you can handle more than additional characters will be permitted.
~ An age-limit does exist, due to the possible event of mature content. The use of vulgar words to describe genitalia is not permissable, though R or NC-17 scenes are allowed.
~ Romances, both slash and het, are encouraged. On this note, OOC bashing will not be tolerated.
~ All applicants must be 15 years of age or older.
~ Any character death, NPC death, major event, accident, or anything else that will concern a large group of people or the RPG as a whole MUST be cleared with the mods FIRST.
((Credit is given to Phoenix Ashes RPG for the basis of the above rules, though the rules were adapted for Patronus RPG-use.))

Application must be sent to rr_chip@yahoo.com for verification. Three characters per player, though only one faculty-character is allowed per player. Please fill out the following application -completely- and -thoroughly-.

Character Information
Year (if applicable):
House (if applicable):
Occupation (if applicable):
Background Information:
Famous Person Considered For Icon:
Sample Journal Entry (Between 150 - 200 Words) for the CHARACTER YOU ARE APPLYING FOR:

Applicant Information
LJ Username:

Taken Characters (Updated Regularly)

~ Albus Dumbledore
~ Penelope Clearwater
~ Remus Lupin
~ Severus Snape
~ Oliver Wood

~ Harry Potter
~ Hermione Granger
~ Ginny Weasley
~ Draco Malfoy
~ Luna Lovegood
~ Blaise Zabini
~ Mandy Brocklehurst
~ Natalie McDonald
~ Morag MacDougal
~ Pansy Parkinson
~ Sebastian Capper
~ Terry Boot
~ Lavender Brown
~ Daphne Greengrass
~ Tracey Davis
~ Michael Corner
~ Millicent Bulstrode
~ Katharine Bundy
~ Adrian Pucey
~ Susan Bones
~ Sally Anne Perks
~ Hannah Abbott

~ Narcissa Malfoy

Available Characters (Updated Regularly)

~ Dean Thomas, 7th Year
~ Seamus Finnigan, 7th Year
~ Ronald Weasley, 7th Year
~ Neville Longbottom, 7th Year
~ Parvati Patil, 7th Year
~ Colin Creevey, 6th Year
~ Andrew Kirke, 6th Year
~ Jack Sloper, 6th Year
~ Vicky Frobisher, 5th Year
~ Jamie Hooper, 5th Year
~ Dennis Creevey, 4th Year
~ Gallagher MacDougal, 4th Year
~ Emma Dobbs, 4th Year
~ Euan Abercrombie, 3rd Year

~ Padma Patil, 7th Year
~ Anthony Goldstein, 7th Year
~ Su Li, 7th Year
~ Kevin Entwhistle, 7th Year
~ Lisa Turpin, 7th Year
~ Stephen Cornfoot, 6th Year
~ Aaron Bradley, 5th Year
~ Jacob Dorny, 5th Year
~ Jesse Moon, 5th Year
~ Sam Fawcett, 5th Year (female)
~ Stewert Ackerley, 4th Year
~ Orla Quirke, 4th Year
~ Connie Chang, 3rd Year

~ Justin Finch-Fletchley, 7th Year
~ Ernie MacMillan, 7th Year
~ Wayne Hopkins, 7th Year
~ Eloise Midgen, 7th Year
~ Megan Jones, 7th Year
~ Zacharias Smith, 6th Year
~ Ethan Summerby, 6th Year
~ Abigail Brocklehurst, 6th Year
~ Elenor Branstone, 4th Year
~ Owen Cauldwell, 4th Year
~ Laura Madley, 4th Year
~ Kevin Whitby, 4th Year
~ Derek Lyons, 3rd Year

~ Vincent Crabbe, 7th Year
~ Gregory Goyle, 7th Year
~ Theodore Nott, 7th Year
~ Faren Moon, 5th Year
~ Malcolm Baddock, 4th Year
~ Graham Pritchard, 4th Year

~ Angelina Johnson
~ Cho Chang
~ Percy Weasley
~ Alicia Spinnet
~ Katie Bell
~ George Weasley
~ Fred Weasley
~ Molly Weasley
~ Arthur Weasley
~ Lee Jordan
~ Marietta Edgecombe
~ Roger Davies
~ Arabella Doreen Figg
~ Marcus Flint
~ Caleb Warrington
~ Mateo Montague
~ Antonin Dolohov
~ Terence Higgs
~ Mundungus Fletcher
~ Bellatrix Lestrange
~ Alastor Moody
~ Lucius Malfoy
~ Dedalus Diggle
~ Elphias Doge
~ Igor Karkaroff
~ Walden Macnair
~ Augustus Rookwood
~ Aberforth Dumbledore
~ Sturgis Podmore
~ Emmeline Vance
~ Nymphadora Tonks
~ Kingsley Shacklebolt
~ Charlie Weasley
~ Bill Weasley
~ Fleur Delacour
~ Viktor Krum
~ Voldemort

Hogwarts Teachers:
~ Vector, Arithmancy (male)
~ Binns, History of Magic
~ Sybil Trelawney, Divination
~ Filius Flitwick, Charms/Head of Ravenclaw House
~ Poppy Pomfrey, Nurse
~ Argus Filch, Caretaker
~ Irma Pince, Librarian
~ Sinistra, Astronomy (female)
~ Rolanda Hooch, Flying
~ Pomona Sprout, Herbology/Head of Hufflepuff House
~ Rubeus Hagrid, Care of Magical Creatures/Keeper of Grounds
~ Minerva McGonagall, Transfiguration/Head of Gryffindor House

The Arch-Mod can be reached via AIM (wolvie205) or email (rr_chip@yahoo.com)...

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