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[icon] When: April 3, 1998 Who: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley Where:… - Patronus RPG
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When: April 3, 1998
Who: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley
Where: Gryffindor Common Room, The Hog's Head
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Harry is desperate to do something daring and dangerous, and Ginny takes him drinking downtown.
Watch For: Harry and Ginny getting it on.

Harry sat staring broodily into the deserted common room. Everyone else was at dinner...but he didn't have much of an appetite recently. He wanted to be daring and ...do daring things. Like normal seventeen-year-old boys who weren't attached. He wanted to go drinking.

Not ten minutes later, Harry's... salvation arrived. In the form of one Virginia Weasley. Upon seeing the Brooding Hero, Ginny approached with just the subtlest swing to her hips. She flopped down next to Harry, dark red hair falling oh-so perfectly into place. "Harry, darling, what are you doing here all alone?" She pauses, and then adds with a small smirk: "-Besides- brooding." Hee.

Harry looked over at Ginny and burst into a crooked grin. "Actually, I was waiting for you to show up."

Ginny hides her mild surprise well, with carefully arched brows and a teasing, more apparent, smirk. "Is that so, Mister Potter? Why, whatever do you have planned?"

"Drinking. You and me. You seem like the kind of girl that would know how to get a young wizard drunk." Smooth, as always.

Smooth? Not -quite-. Ginny grinned at this new Harry. He wanted to get out and stir up trouble, sure enough, but he was still slightly bumbly in his approach. And it was cute. "Mmm... Do I? That's quite a compliment," beamed Ginny, rising - and brushing against Harry slightly in the process. "Come now. Fred and George showed me a secret passage down to Hogsmeade. The Broomsticks is gone, but the other tavern will do just fine for a drink or two." As shady as it is.

Harry grinned lopsidedly again, although something kept telling him to stay where he was... "Let's go." he said, decidedly. He really didn't want to care anymore. Besides, who knew what Hermione was doing. And he only had one life to live...and frankly, he was sick of being told what he could and could not do.

Taking his hand, Ginny drew him to his feet. "Come now, darling, don't dilly-dally," she said lightly. And promptly led Harry through the halls and into one of the Weasley Twins' infamous passages.


Ginny and Harry emerged in the alleyway beside The Hog's Head. Smoothing out her magically-shortened skirt and open robes, Ginny ushered Harry into the dingy, haze-filled tavern. "You have a seat, Harry. I'll get a few... drinks."

Harry sat down, almost missing the chair. Smoothing back his dysfunctional hair, he took a deep breath, pulling a face at the smell of the place. Doesn't matter, I'm just here to get drunk.

Ginny leaned over the bar, smiling at the creepy old bartender. Whatever she said, in just five minutes she bounced away from the counter with a pair of full mugs and an equally full pitcher. Of... Well, definitely -not- butterbeer. Muwhaha. She joined Harry, proffering the one mug. "Drink up, love."

Harry took a deep breath and grinned shakily. "Cheers." Then, he took a long swig of ...whatever it was...and almost spit it back up. "Cor Ginny!" he whispered vehemently, sputtering. "How do you drink this stuff? It feels like a dragon's breathing down your throat..."

Resisting the urge to giggle, Ginny swirled her mug gently. "Start slowly, silly. Take your time. We're in no rush..." she said softly, before demonstrating: throwing her head back gracefully, she brought the mug to her lips and let it run slowly into her mouth - swallowing just as slowly.

Harry couldn't help but be impressed, and followed her lead...although it still burned. It was, however, giving him a nice warm, fuzzy feeling in his stomach...making him feel the most relaxed he'd felt...in years. "I'm guessing you've been here before..." he said slowly, eyeing her.

"When I'm bored," replies Ginny briefly. What -that- means, she doesn't indicate. Except for that slight smirk. She brushes her hair back behind her ear, before taking another slow swig. "Go on, darling, keep drinking."

Harry grinned slightly, and then took another swig...it wasn't that bad once he got used to it. "The elusive Ginny Weasley at a bar. No wonder you've got a bit of a reputation, Ginny."

Ginny raised a brow, amused. She ran a fingertip around the rim of the mug slowly, before lifting it back to her lips and taking another swig. Mmm. "Oh, what have you heard?" she asked with a smirk, interested.

"Things," Harry responded, leaning forwards confidentially. "Things from boys. In the dormitories."

Ginny didn't seem surprised. She tilted her head slightly, letting her hair fall down just-so. "Elaborate."

"You know...those kinds of stories." he said, grinning.

Ginny pulled an innocent smile, eyes also assuming a 'naive' glow. "Oh? No, Harry, I'm afraid I don't know. Please, tell me... everything." She bit her lip slightly, waiting for a moment before slowly lifting the mug to her lips again.

Harry starred at Ginny for a second and then coughed uncomfortably, shifting slightly in his chair to become more...comfortable. "Oh you know...just...stories...about...actionboyshavegottenfromyou. Not that I'm -asking- to hear that kind of thing. They're probably just making it up, you know."

"Well..." Ginny mused, subtly indicating for Harry to drink up again. "Maybe you'd like the stories more if... you were the one telling them?" She still maintained the innocent glow, smiling as she crossed her legs beneath the table - one ankle brushing against Harry's calf lightly.

Harry jumped, and then realized that he would probably have a rough time getting comfortable tonight. "Sorry," he responded without thinking, moving his leg away from hers.

"I'm not," replied Ginny easily, waiting a moment before her ankle once again finds contact with his calf - and drew it up slowly, brushing against his knee. "... Don't you think you'd enjoy finding out if the stories were true, more than just... listening to them?"

"Oh...uh...I don't know...." Then, he realized, he was being a coward. And he was there for a reason. And he was seventeen years old, and if he didn't get laid, he probably would die a virgin. "Sure, yeah." he responded quickly, grinning in what he hoped was a winning way.

Ginny grins, ankle still tracing up and down his leg slowly. "Keep drinking, love." She then drains her own mug and, as she brings it down, licks the last drop of beer from the mug's rim playfully. Muwhaha.

Harry finished his mug in a gulp, a little thrown off a just how... sexy Ginny had become. She used to be... awkward... and... twelve. Now she was... sexy. And older. And ... sexy.

Smirking, Ginny slides to the chair to Harry's left - on the pretense of refilling their mugs. She does pour the pitcher, filling their mugs. But as she raises her own mug again, and flashes a smile to Harry, her free hand falls beneath the table - and onto Harry's leg. Whoops.

Harry visibly jumped. His eyes went immediately to her hand...and he realized with a panic that he didn't have any schoolbooks to hide behind. Cor. Cor. Cor.

Smiling, Ginny pretended like there was nothing amiss. She took a slow drought from her mug, tracing his leg slowly... "So tell me, Harry, how do you like... drinking?" The slight emphasis on the last word, despite her calm demeanor, seemed to suggest something other than imbibing alcohol.

Harry was confused. "...Oh, I guess it's alright..." he said, trying to play it cool yet feeling...tight.

Ginny lowered her mug to her lips, keeping eye contact with Harry. Again, she slowly licked the rim of the mug. "... Mmm. Good. I'm glad you're enjoying it." Still, her hand continued to lightly graze his thigh - working higher steadily.

Harry cleared his throat. "Um, Ginny," he started, his voice high-pitched and tense. "Ginny." he began again, after clearing his throat a second time. "Why did you

"Because, Harry..." murmurs Ginny, putting down her mug slowly. Her hand glided closer to his... crotch, while she leaned in as well. Skillfully and teasingly, she breathed warmly on his ear... "You asked."

Harry swallowed what felt like an egg in his throat. "Oh. I did, didn't I. Well...I'm glad you’re here..." he said, taking his mug and draining it a second time.

"I know," purred Ginny with a smirk. This time, her hand slipped to cup Harry's... crotch. Buwhaha. Simultaneously, to prevent Harry from spazzing, she trailed kisses from Harry's earlobe down to his jawline...

Harry wondered if he had passed out. And this was just another one of ...those kinds of dreams. Grinning slightly, he bit his bottom lip and realized this was what he'd been missing.

Poor Hermione. For all her... misadventures, she'd certainly missed out by not doing the same for Harry. Ginny smirked slightly, her hand kneading and stroking very lightly while her lips and teeth and tongue concentrated on showering his jaw, cheek, and ear with attention. Very skillful attention.

Hermione was far from Harry's mind at the moment...the growing...pain he was experiencing seemed to be taking over. And the fact that Ginny seemed to do things he could only dream about with her tongue.

Slowly, Ginny eased Harry backwards so he was sitting away from the table. This was quite easy - but that didn't make it any less enjoyable, for Ginny. Replacing her hand with her -hips-, Ginny settled comfortably on his not-so-flat lap. She gestured for him airily to pull her closer, so she wouldn't slip, and returned to making her way down his neck slowly...

Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny's waist, wondering if he was actually going to pass out before he had sex. It certainly was worth it...being dangerous and going to a dingy pub to get smashed with Ginny. She certainly was what his mates had been saying. Groaning slightly when she moved along his neck (causing her hips to move as well) Harry briefly wondered if anyone had noticed them.

Bah. It was a dingy pub. No one even bothered to look twice, really. Besides... their corner is shady. Hee. Ginny slowly began to work her hips, grinding into the eager seventeen-year-old deftly. She worked down his neck, biting softly and then teasing with her tongue...

Harry moaned softly as Ginny's hips began to work against his own...That was definitely something Hermione had never done with him before. Of course, all thoughts of Hermione were lost in a matter of seconds....

Ginny smiled, drawing back and peering at Harry beneath a couple of loose, red bangs. "How are you feeling, love?" she purred, hips grinding into Harry with slowly increasing force.

"Smashin'," he responded, his voice a bit slow for his reactions to her hips as he felt his face starting to heat up. "Jus' smashin'..." he responded, his stomach doing a strange flip flop which he attributed to the fact that Ginny was practically having sex with him...minus...the...nakedness...

Biting her lip coyly, she toyed with his unruly, dark hair with her fingertips as she continued to grind against Harry, with greater speed and force. Finally, fully satisfied with herself and her abilities, Ginny leaned in and pressed her lips against Harry's. Prying his somewhat-eager lips apart, she slipped her tongue in and began to work her magic...

Harry suddenly felt...different. Pulling back, he glanced at Ginny through dizzy eyes, and then, without any warning, vomited all over her.

Ginny's sultry smile vanished instantly, as... well, vomit immediately cooled her own rising heat. She blinked, lips parted in a silent scream. Ugh! Even so, she was paralyzed. "... Honestly, Harry," she said softly, almost a whimper, "I wasn't -that- bad, was I?" Eew. Disgusting. Ick.

Harry wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Oof...m'sorry..." he mumbled, before leaning forwards and passing out, his head against her chest...which had his own throw up on it.

Ginny blinked, nose wrinkling in utter disgust. Cor. She bit her lip tentatively, which thank Godric was vomit-free, and eased Harry back. Managing not to squeal in horror, she somehow negotiated Harry and herself -out- of The Hog's Head, with some of her dignity intact. Mrph. It wasn't long before she slipped into the passage, fighting down an urge to gag from the smell and dragging Harry.


"Ugh. Next time, we'll just do this -without- the drinking," murmurs Ginny, as she finally drags Harry into his (fortunately) empty dorm. She sighed, pausing for a moment to rub her temples. And then, drawing her wand, she murmured a cleansing charm - to clean herself. She did take a handkerchief to Harry's face and neck, but left Harry, for the most part, slightly on his side. And then, shaking her head, the girl hopped down the steps - only to run into Hermione, who had just stepped into the common room in search of Harry.

Ginny slowed, smiling slightly. "Evening, Hermione... Looking for someone?"

Hermione stared, gaze flicking to the stairwell beyond Ginny. Her brow furrowed. "... Harry."

"Oh..." Ginny murmured, her smile still surprisingly neutral and unchanged. "Well. He's upstairs. Resting. He's had a... long night." She brushed her hair absently back behind her ears. "As have I. I'll be in my room, though, if you need anything." And with that, Ginny sauntered to her own dorm. "Night, Hermy."

Hermione blinked, feeling a strange tightening in her chest. "... Night," she said shortly, staring fixedly at the stairwell. And she promptly spun on her heels and stormed off. To find -Lupin-. Perhaps -he- could talk Harry out of whatever nonsense he had gotten himself into.
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[icon] When: April 3, 1998 Who: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley Where:… - Patronus RPG
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