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Subject:"They're just first years, they don't know what they're doing."
Time:04:49 pm
Current Mood:energeticenergetic
When: Jan. 20, 1998
Who: Mandy Brockelhurst, Annie Perks
Where: Library
Rating: G
Summary: Mandy repremands first years and Annie strikes up a conversation
Watch For: ...hockey chat

Mandy pushed her hair back from her eyes irritably, trying to ignore the first years who were having a conversation in the library. And loudly. With a scowl, she looked over, even more annoyed to see that they were Slytherins. Abosolutly no respect for others... she mused to herself and then bit her tongue, thinking of Blaise. He doesn't apply, she told herself sternly. Annoyed with herself, she looked up sharply at the first years. "Do you mind?" she said loudly, and then returned to her Potions essay.

Annie poked her head from around the corner of a shelf clutching a book, "Is snapping honestly necessary?" She readjusted her glasses on her nose. "They're just first years, they don't know what they're doing."

Mandy looked up, blinking. "...but they should. It's a library." she said back, not really sure how to get out of the scrap she had managed to get herself in. Bloody hell... "Anyway, they didn't take any notice..."

Annie nodded and sat down at the table across from the girl, "they're just children. I'm sure you were the same way and the older kids yelled at you to be quiet. You just didn't listen. They'll grow out of it."

Mandy smiled slightly. "Well, I never was one for talking." she shrugged, moving her book back so that the other girl would have more room. "...You are?" she asked, hoping she didn't sound rude.

"Oh me, well my full name is Sally-Anne Mary-Elizabeth Marguerite Neela Emma Perks. My mum was, well is a bit phsyco. But just call me Annie, everyone else does."

Mandy laughed. "That's quite a name. I'm Mandy...just Mandy." she couldn't help but wrinkle up her nose at her name...it was so...plain.

"My mum's fault really. Everytime she moved somewhere I got a new name. Blech, it was immensly annoying when teachers would try and take roll in primary school."

"I can imagine," Mandy grinned.

"But I live with my Papa in Madrid anyway." She smiled, "it's pleasant enough now."

Mandy nodded, wondering in the back of her mind why Annie was telling her this. "That's good..."

"Not that it's actually pertinent to anything." She pushed her glasses up on her nose again, "do you play hockey?"

"Excuse me?" Mandy asked, her brow furrowed. "Hockey?"

She nodded profusely, "yes hockey! It's a muggle spot. I play street hockey, but it's also played on ice." She paused, "have you not heard of it?"

Mandy shook her head, "No, I'm afraid I haven't. I'm muggle born too...I just don't stay in that world as often as this."

"Ohh, well that explains it! My dads a muggle, so since I live with him, I live as a muggle most of the time. And the Spanish keep big families, so I live with my cousins, and they're all guys. So they caught me to play."

"What's it like? Myself, I'm not really that huge into sports, but I have only really been exposed to cricket and quidditch."

"Well you were roller blades. Do you know what those are?"

"No..." she said, smiling apologetically.

"Well, ok, what they are is like a shoe, with wheels on a bottom. Four of them in a straight line down the middle of the shoe. They come up past your angle and normally they lace up."

Mandy leaned forwards, intrigued. "Oh?" she asked. "What of the game?"

"OK, so you have these sticks, kind of like golf clubs, but they're wooden and have a longer part at the end." She quickly drew a sketch so that she could see. " And you've got a puck. The point is to get it into the goal. And the other team tries to get the puck from you and they can do basically anything. I've gotten a lot of bruises and a broken bone or two."

Mandy couldn't help but smile...it sounded...well, fun. Since she was a horrible flyer, she wondered if she would be able to play hockey. "Do you play on teams?"

"Yep, there are two teams. It's really great. You also play it on ice with ice skates. That makes it even cooler because you move so fast. It's like flying, but you're still on the ground."

Mandy shrugged. "I'm a horrible flyer, but that actually sounds...well, fun."

"It is! It's so much fun. Seriously I've been playing since I was six or seven."

"Well, can you teach me?" As soon as the words were out of Mandy’s mouth she blushed and looked down. What on earth did I say that for? She didn't even like telling first years to be quiet...how could she survive at that game?

Annie nodded, "yes I'd love to. Seriously it wouldn't be a problem. I can owl my dad and ask him to send me a pair of my old skates and an extra stick." Annie was so excited she was practically squeeing.

Mandy laughed out loud at the other girls' excitability. "Are you sure? I don't want to be any trouble..."

"Not at all, it's not a problem. It'll help me to, I won't get rusty or anything like that." She smiled, "sorry, sometimes I just get a bit excited."

"I couldn't tell," Mandy laughed.

Annie smiled and tipped her chair back some, "well don't let me distract you from your essay. It's bad enough you've still got the first years to deal with."

Mandy laughed and shook her head. "Alright, get back to me on the hocky."

Annie nodded and stood up, "I sure will. I'll tell you as soon as I get the skates." She grabbed her book off the table, "I'll talk to you later Mandy."

"Bye Annie," she grinned, and turned back to her essay.
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[icon] "They're just first years, they don't know what they're doing." - Patronus RPG
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