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Subject:Daphne Seduces Remus
Time:12:00 am
Current Mood:hornyaroused
When: January 18, 1998
Who: Daphne Greengrass, Remus Lupin
Where: Professor Lupin's Quarters
Rating: Light R
Summary: Daphne sets her sights higher -- and successfully leashes herself a new pet wolf.
Watch For: Biting.

Pacing his quarters, Professor Lupin paused momentarily by the windows, whose curtains had been drawn back. The sun was setting. The last fullmoon had been worse than any previously experienced... Something wasn't right. Note to self: talk to Harry as soon as possible... Remus sighed, turning back to his desk. Maybe I should try speaking to Penelope, too... We haven't talk since... since... Mrph.

Daphne straightened her unusually short (for most girls) skirt, and undid a button on her school blouse, then tapped delicately on Lupin's door. In truth, she understood everything in DADA, just didn't really care to try. "Professor, it's Daphne Greengrass..."

Remus froze. Dammit. The professor had let his thoughts wander -- to the extent at which his senses, which should have warned him of a student's approach, had failed. Frowning, the werewolf again made a mental note to speak with The Boy Who Lived. "Come in, Miss Greengrass," called Remus, taking a seat at his desk.

Daphne walked in, her books clasped to her chest. "Sorry to bother you sir..." she said, keeping her eyes lowered. ...Too bad I can't see what types he likes...

Remus raised his gaze to the student -- one that had always proved promising in the past -- albeit a recent slip in her scores, though that may simply be due to the recent stress from the attacks. Why was she now bothering to seek out extra help? "No problem, miss, have a seat," the professor gestured off-handedly...

Daphne sat down, crossing her legs, well aware that her skirt had fallen down, revealing quite a bit of her thigh. "Sir, I was wondering about the homework assignment..." she said, leaning forward, and placing her books on his desk, also aware that if he had looked over he would have been able to see down her shirt.

Fortunately, Remus was rather... resistant, to such attempts. His thoughts much too distant, the professor nodded absently. "Right," Remus grunted. "Well, what is it you don't understand? I should think -- " His ramblings were cut short as his gaze flicked (only for the briefest of moments) to the girl's chest. Merlin.

Daphne caught the glance and leaned back, placing her books on her lap, knowing full well that his eyes would probably also be drawn there. "...yes, Professor?" she asked, quietly. This is going better then planned...

And, predictably, the lonely professor's eyes followed her movements... before righting himself swiftly. "Excuse me," Remus muttered, clearing his throat and lifting his gaze to her eyes. "I was saying, I should think it was rather self-explanatory... especially for a student of your calibur."

Daphne looked down, pretending to be embarrassed by the compliment. "Thank you, sir." she said meekly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

A slight frown creased Remus' features. There was something... odd about Daphne. Is she wearing... perfume? "You're quite welcome," the professor said slowly. "So what exactly is the problem?"

"Well, I was just wondering if you could talk to me a bit more about the essay. It's so fascinating to listen to you speak on the Dark Arts. You seem to be passionate about it." Daphne looked up through her long lashes and smiled slightly, biting her bottom lip.

"Daphne, this is hardly an appropriate time to give you an entire lecture -- " Remus faltered, eyeing the girl more closely. That scent eminating from her, whatever it was, was beginning to blur his senses. He tried to concentrate, opting to stand up now. "... but if you wish, I could try my best. What is it you're most interested in now? Protection spells? Dark Arts? Dark creatures?"

"Oh the dark creatures," she said, her voice lower. "The dangerous ones...like werewolves." She smiled wickedly at Remus, leaning forward to put her books on the desk. Oh dear, can you see down her shirt...again?

Remus stared down at the student, eyes widening -- and briefly focusing on her chest. With a grunt, the professor turned away from the desk and walked a few steps across the chamber, his back to Daphne now. "Werewolves?" Remus echoed, brow furrowed. "... well, I suppose I could tell you about lycans. The first sighting was reported in the 16th century," Remus began, attempting to begin a rather... boring lecture.

Daphne stood up, following her professor, on the pretense of listening carefully. Positioning herself on the edge of his desk, she crossed her legs, showing off even more then before. "...We already heard about the history, professor," she said quitely.

Remus fell silent, glancing over his shoulder ever-so slightly. His keen, dark eyes travelled up and down the student. Well, she certainly didn't -look- seventeen... Focus, Moony. She is a student. "Then what do you want to hear about, instead?"

"Well, what are the risks. I mean, do they ever bite someone in the heat of the moment? What about sex?" she said frankly, pretending that she was -only- interested for the sake of her grade.

Remus' eyes widened. "... I suppose there are more than a few who lack self-control, in such... carnal situations," the professor offered, his voice wavering. Focus... "Though there exist some who have such resistances..."

"Indeed?" Daphne said, leaning towards him.

Remus wisely kept his back to Daphne, at this point. "Yes... There are those that submit to the animal within, and those that struggle to maintain a balance."

"Which one are you, professor?" Daphne said quietly, her voice a purr. As if it wasn't obvious...

The inflection of her voice struck a chord within the quiet professor. She is a student... He paused, brow creased deeply. "... even I do not know that answer, Miss Greengrass -- though I like to think I am the latter." Though that could swiftly change...

Daphne walked forward and stood next to her professor, barely touching him. "...I do believe we all like to think that, professor," she said, her voice low and serious.

Remus slowly turned his gaze to the young woman beside him. After a long moment of silence, the professor spoke. "You think otherwise of me...?" Remus queried quietly, a bit hesitant to hear her answer.

"...Yes, professor." she said, turning around, rather close to him. She looked up at him, biting her bottom lip.

Once again caught by those eyes, Remus found himself staring at the student. Focus, Moony... She's a student... Oh shove it -- she obviously wants it. Look at her. She's begging for it. After a moment, the professor realized he hadn't said anything. And yet, he didn't say anything at that point either. He just stared.

Daphne smiled slowly, well aware she had his attention. Then, she leaned forward and chastely kissed him quickly on the lips. Then she stepped back, putting her hand over her mouth. "Oh, professor, I'm so sorry...I don't..." she stopped, looking down to hide a smirk.

Perhaps if things with Penelope had progressed differently... perhaps if the last full moon hadn't been so unusually terrible... perhaps -then- Remus would have been able to immediately order Daphne out of his office, with a detention or maybe a deduction of ten points for inappopriate behavior. But... instead, Remus fell a certain wave of surprise and... warmth ripple down his weary frame. "... don't be sorry," Remus heard himself murmur. Merlin, don't, Moony!

Daphne looked up, pretending to be shocked. "I'm so sorry professor, I just...I can't seem to help myself..."

"Help yourself?" Remus again felt words slip unbidden from his mouth. He was hooked, that much was obvious. And who wouldn't be? She was a young, beautiful, and certainly sexy female student... Okay, so maybe most grown men would be able to resist her. But not a lonely, trouble werewolf -- who, at this very moment, was slowly beginning to block out his conscience... and listen more to the wolf inside. Do it.

Daphne looked down again, bitting her lip again. "Maybe I should go..." she said, hesitating. It was a risk, she admitted, but something about his demeanor seemed to suggest that he was not himself...and maybe...She took a step forward, practically pressing herself up against him. "...Unless you want me to stay." A huge risk. But it might work.

Remus felt himself tense immediately, though his body made no move to react negatively. "No... don't go, Miss Greengrass," came the professor's reply, lifting a hand to tuck that strand of dark hair behind her ear again. Oh poor Moony... the wolf inside was longing for a mate, and the man who controlled the wolf wasn't putting up much of a fight either...

Daphne allowed a small smile, as she hesitantly reached out her hands and put them on Remus' chest. "You don't want me to go?" she asked quietly. This is too easy...

Remus shuddered. "... no, I'd prefer you didn't," answered the professor truthfully. His frown melted away gradually, replaced by a softer, more open expression. Not at all like a wolf -- more like a loyal dog.

Daphne smiled and ran her hands up and down Remus' chest, locking eyes with him. "Professor...you never really answered the question. Do werewolves bite during sex?" she grinned wickedly.

A slightly crooked grin appeared on the teacher's features, shivers lancing up his spine at her touch. "Sometimes."

Daphne smile's faded and she stepped back. Make him work for me... "Have you ever bitten someone?" she asked, frowning.

Remus' eyes widened, a flash of confusion and worry darkening his features for a moment. "What? No!" the professor shook his head, obviously stumbling blindly into her trap -- desperate for Daphne's touch again.

"Well... would you?" she asked quietly, her dark eyes serious. Well, this is certainly -much- better then I thought it was going to be...

Remus frowned. "No... no, I wouldn't..." he mumbled softly. "Unless you wanted me to," the professor added under his breath.

Daphne smiled slighty, pushing herself up onto his desk, and crossing her legs again. "Professor, have you ever -wanted- to bite someone?" she said, grinning suggestively.

Thrown off-guard for a moment, the professor stared at the girl. Slowly, that hesitant grin that hinted at trouble returned... "Sometimes." Ooops. Though Remus was much too busy staring at Daphne's legs now to realize his slip.

"Professor, you seem a bit preoccupied with my thigh," she said, starring at him. Then, she carefully pulled back her skirt slightly, showing most of her leg. She smiled suggestively at Lupin.

Slowly, now completely ignoring that inner voice screaming for attention, Remus advanced and stopped just in front of Daphne. His hand rested on her thigh. "... is that a problem, Miss Greengrass?"

"Not at all, sir," she said, pulling back her skirt to give a brief glimpse of her black knickers. "Does it bother you?" Wicked grin.

"Not at all," Remus replied, echoing her choice of reply... He slid his hand up further, reveling in the warm of her curves... He lifted his eyes to hers, now gleaming slightly... with an almost feral light.

Daphne grinned and shivered at his touch, leaning back slightly on the desk and looked at Remus. "Professor, do you want this?" she asked, her voice serious though inwardly she was grinning. He was as easy as...Ginny Weasley.

The professor's hand glided further, slipping beneath her skirt... "Yes..." Remus rumbled, now fully blinded by his own loneliness and desire. "... God, yes."

Daphne leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, her tongue sliding across his lips briefly before pulling back. Must play hard to get...

Remus felt a growl rumble deep in his throat, both hands now sliding beneath her skirt and resting on her thighs as he pushed her back. "Are you familiar with the concept of... extra credit?"

Daphne couldn't help but grin as she felt herself pushed back on the desk. "Not in this form, professor... although, it sounds intreguing...."

"Well... naturally, your grades have been slipping this year," Remus murmured, slipping one hand free of her skirt -- only to unbutton it and slide it down her long legs. "... so I should have expected a visit, I suppose." His eyes wandered up and down her body, before trailing his hands up her legs again. "I'm offering you a... boost." Hey. The werewolf is -lonely-.

Daphne bit her lip, as if thinking it over. "I certainly wouldn't want to get in trouble, Professor..." she said quietly. "Although, I would like to boost my grade. Tell me what you had in mind..."

"Believe me, you will be protected," replied Remus, his fingertips (complete with unusually sharp nails) toying with her knickers. "... and I do believe you know exactly what's on my mind, Miss Greengrass."

Daphne bit her lip, arching her back slightly against the professor. "...No, Professor Lupin, I do not." She grinned wickedly at him, well aware she was going to make him say it. Or show it.

Remus grumbled, lowering himself completely over the girl lying on his desk. His claws clipped her flimsy undergarments, smoothly travelling up her sides and snapping off each button of her blouse. A simple charm would mend her clothes later... if Remus felt like it. He grinned, eyes narrowed slightly. "Less talk... more kissing."

Daphne pretended to pout over the loss of her buttons but wrapped her arms around his shoulders nonetheless and kissed him with all the hunger she knew he would want to feel.

And Remus certainly -did- want that. He rumbled deep in his throat, kissing the younger girl back with eager desire. His hands carelessly pushed the blouse from her shoulders, already settling his hips up against hers tightly.

Daphne couldn't help but wonder why she had wasted so much time on people like... Michael Corner when he had been in front of her for so long. She felt her own hips responding to his touch as she begain to rip off his shirt (literally rip off, she was a bit angry about the buttons of her own shirt) and kiss him intensely.

Remus senses her building passion and agression... and literally fed off of it. With a slash of his claws, the professor laid his student bare -- fully exposed, now. And Merlin, she was quite a... lovely mate. He kissed her back with equal intensity, before drawing back abruptly. Quickly, Remus freed himself from his restrictive trousers, and threw his clothes (and hers) off of the desk. "Are you ready to earn your extra credit, Miss Greengrass?"

Daphne was impressed. Already. "Yes, Professor," she said meekly before kissing him so hard that her lips felt like they would bruise. Extra credit isn't as bad as I thought it would be...

Responding with twice the level of agression, Remus growled into the kiss and settled his hands on her sides -- before driving home. Oh dear. Extra credit... it's beginning to become cliche.

~*~ Gratuitous Sex Scene ~*~

Daphne focused on her breathing, her arms and a leg wrapped around her professor. Damn. Alright breathing. "Professor..." she said quietly, suddenly feeling very small underneath him. Something about his skin so close to hers was making it hard to breath...

Remus panted, brow creased in a frown. He rumbled, still... intimately tied to his student. Still fighting that inner conscience (which he would surely have to deal with later), Remus opened his eyes. "Yes, Miss Greengrass...?"

Daphne smiled slightly, fighting off the odd feeling. "Do you often give out extra credit like this?" she asked, moving her arm to brush back a sweaty lock from his forehead.

A wolfish grin appeared on Remus' features. "Rarely," he replied, leaning down and kissing her softly again. Mrrrr...

Daphne twisted her lips away from his, and grinned. "Oh? Who else have you shagged on your desk?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Remus frowned in frustration. "... nobody," muttered the professor, grinning slightly. "Now stop playing hard to get -- or I may have to give you a detention for not cooperating with a teacher."

Daphne rolled her eyes, wiggling her hips slightly. "Oh yes, professor?" she asked, daring him to.

Ignoring the shivers her hip movements caused to ripple through his body, the professor nodded. "Yes. Detention -- with me, tomorrow," replied Remus, eyes narrowed. "Understood?"

Daphne raised an eyebrow. "Fine. But only because I have to." she pouted, then leaned forwards and bit his bottom lip, smiling evilly.

Remus responded by nipping her lip back, inciting a soft moan from the student. Burrying his head in the slender curves of her neck, the professor teased the soft flesh just beneath her ear with his tongue.

Daphne groaned, closing her eyes. "Mmm... it's past my curfew, professor."

Remus nipped at her neck playfully. "I'll write you a late pass," replied Remus. Already, that familiar warmth was spreading through his limbs again -- oh, the joys of being a wolf.

Hooking her legs more tightly around Remus as his hips began to grind against hers, Daphne slipped her fingers into his messy hair...

And once again, Remus began to slip into a brutal, yet enduring, rhythm. His teeth teased her neck, biting and nibbling -- oh yes, round two.
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